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The biotech company Smartomica has joined the Latvian Paediatric Cancer Initiative to help treating children who are battling cancer

Smartomica is a biotech company based in Latvia that develops complex diagnostic methods for cancer treatment that are based on artificial intelligence. These methods combine existing knowledge with the individual profile of each patient. The uniqueness of the methodology used by Smartomica lies in the fact that it has developed technologically complex analysis enabling it to work with different types of patient data with the aim of creating personalized clinical scenarios. Two years ago the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre, Children’s Clinical University Hospital, and Mikrotik started a project using the latest genetic diagnostics to help children in Latvia that have been diagnosed with cancer. Now with the help of Smartomica, this genetic information will make it possible to observe and interpret genetic mutations that can lead to a more personalized approach in choosing the treatment method, as well as providing the opportunity to apply for precision medicine.

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