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How to invest in wine if you're not a millionaire

Although a bit old-timey and highfalutin, wine does have a few advantages over other investments. For one, wine is a perishable good and therefore not subject to Capital Gains Tax, which you usually pay on profits made from investments. Plus, “Wine isn’t really linked to the volatility of financial markets,” says Mario Colesanti, marketing and sales director at Vindome. “It’s not speculative in the short term.” Famously, wine improves with age. Production is limited to certain areas, so it’s inflexible and often can’t meet demand. This makes some bottles rare, and therefore expensive. And because a certain amount of bottles are opened every year, the intact ones become even more prized. These are the main reasons other collectors or restaurants and hotels will be willing to dish out more cash for your bottles in a few years time.

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